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"We, the Black Students at Salt Lake Community College, in recognition of our cultural heritage, do through our alliance within the Black Student Union, provide an outward expression to our common uniting factors of pride, unity, self-respect, and brotherhood as members of the Black race and do hereby adopt and agree to abide by the following constitution." Meetings every Thursday @ 12:00pm Room 221/223 - in the Student Center









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The Black Student Union at Salt Lake Community College was established in the year of 2001 or near. The purpose of the Black Student Union, BSU, is to promote activities of interest as well as cultural and educational benefits for the African-American-African student body. The Black Student Union is the umbrella organization of many of the African-American-African student organizations, providing a forum for them to voice their differences, goals, and ideas. Furthermore, BSU encourages cooperation between its member organizations and the African-American-African student body. The Black Student Union is a great organization for students to bond and get a better understanding of yourself and the world we live in. Black Student Union is also known to help students prepare for life decisions or just very important decisions as well. Different topics of discussion related to African-American-African culture such as music, being "Black", gang violence, and other topics related to the Black Community will be discussed to help promote pride, unity, and respect among the students of Salt Lake Community College. This will also spread through BSU related activities such as fundraisers, field trips, community service, and tutoring resources

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Black Student Union

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