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FIX IT is the customer service and communication arm of the Facilities division at Salt Lake Community College.  If you have a physical facilities problem please contact FIX IT at the email shown below. If it is an emergency, please call (801) 957-3911. Please do not send an email to the Facilities outlook group, these requests may not be met in a timely manner as a FIX IT request. Please find the list below for the many services the Facilities Services can provide.

After hours you may contact (801) 898-4910 for emergencies only. Be sure to include detailed information including the problem and the room number when calling.


Assistance Provided by Facilities Services

Ôû¬ Building Maps/CAD Drawings                                                  Ôû¬ Lighting Maintenance                                             Ôû¬ Motor Pool                                               Ôû¬ Grounds Maintenance

Ôû¬ Cabinetry                                                                                     Ôû¬ Lost and Found                                                        Ôû¬ Carpentry                                                 Ôû¬ Signs

Ôû¬ Clocks                                                                                          Ôû¬ Office Moves / Move Requests                              Ôû¬ Courier Service                                         Ôû¬ Hazardous Waste

Ôû¬ Painting                                                                                       Ôû¬ Custodial Services                                                    Ôû¬ Parking Lot Maintenance                      Ôû¬ Smells or Ventilation Issues

Ôû¬ Customer Service/FIXIT                                                            Ôû¬ Pest Control                                                              Ôû¬ Plugged Toilets, Sinks, Drains               Ôû¬ Hot and Cold Calls

Ôû¬ Damage to Doors, Tiles or Walls                                           Ôû¬ Electrical Work                                                           Ôû¬ Plumbing                                                  Ôû¬ Snow Removal

Ôû¬ Elevator Maintenance                                                             Ôû¬ Preventative Maintenance                                      Ôû¬ Project Management                              Ôû¬ HVAC issues

Ôû¬ Energy Management                                                              Ôû¬ Event Set-Ups/Tear Downs                                     Ôû¬ Receiving & Distribution (MDC)             Ôû¬ Sprinkling Systems

Ôû¬ Fire Protection                                                                         Ôû¬ Recycling                                                                    Ôû¬ Roof Leaks                                                Ôû¬ Surplus

Ôû¬ Furniture                                                                                  Ôû¬ Graffiti Removal                                                        Ôû¬ Shredding                                                Ôû¬ Interior Design

Ôû¬ Keys/Proximity Locks                                                             Ôû¬ Vehicle Maintenance

After Hours

Monday thru Friday: 4:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Saturday: 7:30 am - 3:30pm


E: fixit@slcc.edu

Facilities Fix It

4365 South 2200 West
Salt Lake City Utah 84123

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