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The mission of this club shall be to support SLCC students in engaging with, learning about, and developing skills related to the discipline and practice of politics. To take the knowledge and skills acquired and apply it in a wide range of activities within our college and the broader community.









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It doesn’t matter if you are a political science major or not, this is your chance to finally speak up for what you believe in ! Are you like me ? Your whole life you’ve heard motivational sentences such as « speak up for what you believe in ! », « Be your own voice »,  « take the risk », but it’s a scary step to get out there and you don’t know if your ideas are good enough. This club allows you to sharpen those critical thinking skills by building knowledge as well as improving your eloquence and rhetoric skills when speaking. By joining this club, you and members will discuss political concepts and issues that will help you understand the world you live in and the important role you play in it.

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Nina Ginard
Stanley Fieeiki
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Political Science Club

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