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SLCC Recycling Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage Salt Lake Community College's recyclable waste, emphasizing the importance of recycling over solid waste disposal. We will accomplish this mission by utilizing recycling tools as teaching instruments to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment which is efficient and cost effective. Our staff will be helpful and courteous in their endeavors, as we expand and define our knowledge of the growing impact the college has on the community and the world. We will strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Please Recycle. It's Easy

Everyone can help reduce waste here at SLCC by recycling and recycling properly. We at SLCC want to do our part by keeping as much recyclable material out of the landfills as we can. Remember to sort recyclables into the proper category (paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum). Plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and paper and plastics with food contaminants are not recyclable on campus. Sorting and keeping waste out of the recycling bins will help maintain our successful recycling program on campus.

SLCC Diversion Rate

Our current diversion rate is measurement of how much waste we are diverting from the landfill to be recycled. In 2020 the entire college produced 1,036,740 lbs. of trash and we recycled 691,651 lbs. of materials. This made for a 40% diversion rate.

While this is a respectable diversion rate in comparison with other states, counties, cities, and institutions of higher education we believe there is a lot of room for improvement. Everyone's actions matter……and add up. Please do your part and deposit recyclable items in the nearest recycle bin or call the recycling department, (801) 957-4242, if you have any questions or need help depositing items your trying to get rid of. Thank you for your help and support!!

What We Recycle

The guide below will help clarify what is accepted for recycling at SLCC and what needs to be thrown away.


  • Clean hard plastics

Not recyclable:

  • Thin plastics such as grocery, trash bags
  • Styrofoam and plastic utensils
  • Candy wrappers and chip bags

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  • Unlaminated, clean and dry paper
  • Clean non-waxed cardboard is also accepted

Not recyclable:

  • Paper towels, tissues and napkins
  • Milk, juice and all similar cartons

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Metals, Glass, etc.

  • Clean aluminum and steel cans
  • Unbroken glass is accepted at most campuses

Not recyclable:

  • Disposable gloves and masks are not accepted.
  • No string or pens accepted.

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SLCC Recycling

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