SARC Charter


Article I:  Name

Name of organization:

 SLCC Automotive & Racing Crew (SARC)  

Article II:  Organizational Purpose

The purpose or the mission of this organization shall be: 
To enlighten and enrich SLCC Automotive Technicians, by beng involved with everything Automotive, past, present, and into the future.

Article III:  Membership

Membership shall be limited to students in good standing and currently enrolled at Salt Lake Community College. If non-stuednt members are allowed to join, no less than 75% of the total club membership will be current SLCC students.

Subject to review by the advisor, the officers of:
SLCC Automotive & Racing Crew (SARC), shall have the power to suspend or expel any member for non-payment of dues, for non-attendance of meetings without a valid excuse, or for conduct unbecoming of a member; after due process has been provided.


Article IV:  Selection of Club Officers

Officers shall include a President and Secretary/Treasurer. Each officer shall be a current SLCC student in good standing. In the event that a student withdraws before completion of his/her term, the remaining officer and/or advisor will call a meeting and conduct an election to select his/her replacement.  Minutes of this meeting will be kept and the vote recorded.


Other officers may be appointed/elected as necessary.

The duties of the officers shall include:

    The President:
    • Preside at all regular meetings
    • authority to call special meetings
    • appoint committees as needed
    • attend ICA meetings
    • oversee completion of all required paperwork
    • preform other duties required by the office
  • The Secretary/Treasurer:
    • Keep an accurate record of meetings, agendas, and minutes
    • Appropriate and disperse all funds of the organization
    • Maintain accurate records
    • Complete required financial paperwork


The advisor and outgoing officers will arrange a meeting during the Spring Semester to elect new officers.


Article V: Advisor

  • The advisor will serve as a consultant to members and officers of the organization regarding college policies and procedures, and will assist officers to serve effectively.
  • The advisor is to oversee all financial matters and sign off /approve on all required paperwork.
  • The newly elected officers may select a new advisor, or the previous advisor may be asked to continue to serve.
  • Advisors and/or officers will update their OrgSync profile as new officers, advisors, or other changes to the club occur. Profiles must also list scheduled meetings at the beginning of each semester to the Clubs Office.

Article VI:  Meetings

  • The club shall hold regular meetings at least twice a month, at a time and place determined by the organization.
  • A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum (one more than one half of all members) at all meetings. It is recommended that minutes are recorded at each meeting.


Article VII:  Membership Dues

Club Membership dues shall be $ 20 per semester

Article VIII:  Amendments

This Charter may be amended by a majority vote of the quorum.


No part of this Charter may conflict with the SLCC Student Association Constitution or the Student Code of Conduct.


Article X:  Bylaws

Bylaws may be enacted or amended by a majority vote.