A Little Description

We are a team of students participating in the SLCC automotive program, coming together to enjoy the same common interest. Working hard and going fast are things that we do best. Everyone has their own preference on which auto maker is superior or which engine is the best. However, here in this club, we welcome everyone no matter if you are passionate about classic cars, EV's, diesel, motorcycle, or whatever else.

Our Mission:

To enlighten and enrich SLCC Automotive Technicians, by being involved with everything Automotive, past, present, and into the future!


Our Team

David Read
Riley Garcia
Vladimir Oblezov
Sariah Larsen
Social Media Manager
Nikolas Santiago
Zachary Scarborough
Dennis O'Reilly

E: dennis.oreilly@slcc.edu

Automotive and Racing Crew

4600 South Redwood Road
Salt Lake City UT 84123
United States